Monday, May 17, 2010

What's NEW in 2010? Enjoy historic Nipissing village and socializing over fine food!

I created a summer cooking course calendar for 2010 that is diverse and bound to catch the attention of those with varying interests.  I know there may be improvements along the way as themes and menus get fine-tuned.   Below are some tidbits on my philosophy and my upcoming classes.

I started teaching cooking classes in 1990 and have been teaching here at Chapman's Landing since 2005 and every year it gets busier for me so that is a good sign.

I was curious to see where my customers came from last year so I went through my records.  Astorville, Callander, Commanda, Corbeil, Kitchener, Mattawa, Metcalfe, Milton, Mississauga, North Bay, Ottawa, Parry Sound, Pickering, Powassan, South River, Sudbury, Temagami, Trout Creek and Toronto!

I continue to promote the S.L.O.W. Foods movement.  Sustainable, seasonal, local and wild foods.  My menus feature local foods and foods from my own garden.  

The wild part of the acronym is that I inspire guests to pick edible wild foods that are safe to eat, plentiful, free and easy to incorporate into the diet.  Below is a photos of the staghorn sumac I was out picking late summer that I use in teas, punches and a variety of dishes.

The one below is of wild raisin.  They aren't related to grapes but are called wild raisin as they have a texture and flavour which is a cross between a date and a raisin.

My menus also focus on adding more whole grains and vegetables and fruits - most people eat too much meat and need more variety in their diet.  The menus are large and varied including a selection of beverages, appetizers, main courses, vegetable and grain dishes and a dessert or two.  There are actually 2-3 meals in each course and you can mix and match the dishes for your next dinner party.  I use organic and local eggs, chicken, lamb and fish.  Arrive hungry as you will not only sample throughout the class but we will end with a sit-down gourmet feast.

Now a lot of my classes are gluten free and some are entirely new.  Most ethnic cuisines don't use much wheat so people really won't notice a difference.  My gluten free focus came from a problem that I was having with food allergies and also a request from a local dietitian who sees many clients that have to avoid gluten for celiac disease. The classes also suit those who want to explore the world of the "minor" grains and incorporate non-wheat options into their diet.

Below is a shot of a garden minestrone soup we made at the Art of Making Soup class last fall.  It is beautifully garnished with Medussa peppers and fresh basil.  I offer this class during the fall and winter months.

Bhutanese Cooking and Momo Making - Saturday June 12th 

making the tasty little momos - cheese stuffed dumplings

100 Mile Menu of SLOW Foods (Gluten Free) - Saturday June 19th

a beautiful green ricotta pie adorned with bergamot and yellow iris

Focus on Baking and the Ancient Grains (Gluten Free) - Sunday June 20th

Thai Cuisine (Gluten Free) - Saturday June 26th

Pad Thai below ...

Check the course calendar at my website for more classes.

I hope to see you in Nipissing village in 2010!

Yours in good taste,
© Nancy Guppy, RD, MHSc

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