Saturday, April 18, 2009

Juicing Local Berries - High Bush Cranberry, Choke Cherry etc.

Easter has just past and we ate a lot of my preserved foods during our feasting. It was only a week ago but that snow in the yard is now gone!! The punch we had for Sunday dinner was a combination of frozen high bush cranberry juice combined with an organic sparkling pear cider. Very delicious.

That was one of the brilliant things we did last fall. Actually Julie Dudgeon, a student on placement with me from Canadore College, picked local berries and pressed them through the food mill to extract the juice. We then froze the unsweetened juices in plastic zip lock bags. A refreshing break from jam and jelly! We did choke cherry and high bush cranberry and I plan to do more this year. I have also made dessert sauce for cheesecake with the juice of the high bush cranberry (they have big pits). Today the remaining high bush cranberry juice I have left defrosted might get incorporated into a maple baklava.

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