Saturday, September 15, 2012

Wild apple spiced vinegar

Every once in awhile I find an old apple tree.  Well, more often than once in awhile as I am on the look out.  I find access from a back lane, on a country road.... I bite in and see how they are.  In the old days these trees were relied on for apple sauce, jellies, pies and the like.  By today's standard many won't eat them.  These apples was sweet with a bite.  Not a crab apple.  Perfect for my steeped vinegar.  I am preparing a number of steeped vinegars now for use throughout the winter.  Go do it while your herbs are still plentiful in the garden!

This is an opportunity to reuse glass jars you like.  Into a clean sterilized bottle place the following:

a nice bunch of garden thyme
1 stick of cinnamon
6 allspice berries
4 little apples with peel sliced
vinegar to fill

Optional additions: black pepper corns, garlic, fresh or frozen cranberries

Leave to steep for a few weeks until the flavours mingle and the vinegar is nicely coloured.  Pretty to look at in a window.  Remove the apples and spices.  Store in the back of the fridge and enjoy in salads.  Use the way you would apple cider vinegar.  Enjoy!

I used President's Choice "the Natural vinegar" TM.  Although it is not organic it is naturally derived from "grain spirit produced by the natural fermentation of sun-ripened grains."  Not gluten-free but maybe acceptable to some as it is distilled.  It is diluted with spring water to 5% acetic acid and recommended for pickling, cooking and table use.

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