Monday, January 24, 2011

Starting cilantro indoors

Little garden projects can start now!  Over the weekend I started organic cilantro seeds.  They grow nicely in a sunny window and usually give me an indoor crop within 2 months.  I cut them back, use in cooking and the plants keep on growing!  Well, for 3 months anyway.  Plant them tight together so you get a nice bushy crop.  I tend to refer to the leaf of the herb as cilantro and the seed that is ground for spice as coriander.

I used to buy the costly little seed packets.  Then I found out, by trial and error, that the organic coriander seeds I was buying for cooking from Gypsy Whole Foods Warehouse out of Burke's Falls sprout and produce healthy, delicious plants.  This little jar of seeds above cost me less than $3.  Excuse the photos as I need a new camera.  The zoom is gone on my point and shoot and I have a hazy spot on the lens.

Below is a window crop in a north west window.  Probably only a month old.

Cilantro helps make your food look and taste great.  The pic below is of Joloff Rice we made last July at the Nigerian cooking class at the farm using brown rice, local chicken, garden greens, tomatoes, green beans and cilantro.  The 2010 gardens were very abundant.  I am looking forward to another rocking season!

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