Monday, July 26, 2010

Summer July Garden and Full Moon

We had our Nigerian Cooking Class on Sunday led by Beth Peart Weekes.  So fantastic.  Thank you Beth!  My post this week is of garden and property shots.  Partly because I am exhausted and not up to whipping up a recipe for the blog:)  This is a blessed summer.  Much sunshine and numerous good swimming days.

 Beautiful full moon last night.

Summer holly hocks.  An pioneer garden favourite.

Monk's Hood.  A favourite of mine.  The antidote to foxglove (digitalis) poisoning.

Star Gazer lily from my friend Daisy.  A nice show.  Just planted last year and it has spread well.

Deer eat garden vegetables and flowers.  This guy is particularly friendly and not much afraid of us humans.

Our Jack Russel Diva chases them off as we do value the food from the garden.  She is getting old though and not quite as attentive a garden dog as she once was.

Winter squash growing.  This may be the Kaboka Japanese type squash.  Not sure yet.

Beautiful foliage on one of the pumpkins.

Callaloo.  Seeds from our Jamaica trip.  Eat it like spinach.  My friend Rachel says it is related to amaranth.  The little carrots in the background are from Jamaica trip as well.  My friends Beth and Mandy bought the seeds for me at the farm and feed store in Black River.

Black beauty eggplant.  Seedlings started by Rachel.  They are starting to flower and it has been hot so we may see some fruit this year.  Not easy to grow in northern Ontario.

Lots of English cucumbers coming in.

Scarlet runner beans?  Good crop of yellow beans in one of the other gardens too.

There are more!  Very tranquil down at the dock these days.

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