Saturday, March 27, 2010

Harvesting Organic Tomato Seeds

This year I am experimenting with drying the seeds from ORGANIC fruits and vegetables I have purchased.  Seems like a good idea.  I will report back on my progress.  I know a lot of people dry their seeds at the peak of harvest but I am curious to know if we can do this along the way and even in the spring like I am doing now. Recently I also dried squash seeds from organic butternut and kaboche squash.  I know it works with squash seeds as I have done it in the past.  I remember the summer of the 30 turban squash quite fondly!  You have to remove the seeds before you bake the squash (duh)!

Organic Cherry Tomatoes

Here I am harvesting tomato seeds from organic cherry tomatoes I bought at the store. Why buy all seeds when your food often comes with them?  I used the usual method... cut the little tomatoes in half and scooped out some of the seeds.  I then soaked them in water overnight to remove "sludge"... rinsed and few times and put seeds out to dry well on natural paper towel. I will let them dry a few weeks and then start the seedlings. This is easy! Mine have been drying a few weeks so I will germinate them and share some photos and notes later.

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Nancy Guppy, MHSc, RD said...

This did work. I grew and ate them!