Monday, May 4, 2009

Wild Leek and Warm Potato Salad

This week I am developing a series of simple recipes for a session I am doing soon with some of the teachers and high school students of the Near North School Board. I will help them learn more about healthy eating using local, seasonal foods. We will also use some foods that grow in the wild and are safe to eat.

This vinaigrette version of potato salad uses local honey, potatoes and wild leeks. I used last year's potatoes which were a bit raggedy so I peeled them. Had I been fortunate enough to have newer potatoes I would have boil them in their "jackets."

Makes 10 x 125 ml servings (1.25 liters)

10 medium size potatoes (about 6 cups) - 1.5 liter
1 cup wild leek leaves sliced or torn into strips - 250 ml
3 Tbsp local honey, heaping - 45 ml
2 Tbsp good mustard - 30 ml
2 Tbsp herb vinegar or other good quality vinegar - 30 ml
2 Tbsp olive oil - 30 ml

Cut the potatoes into cubes approximately 2 inches square (1 cm). Boil until fork tender and slightly mushy and drain. You can freeze the potato water for a nutritious vegetable broth for your next home-made soup.
Tear the garlic leaves into strips using your fingers (or slice into strips).
Whisk together dressing ingredients.
Toss very hot potatoes with the wild leek leaves and dressing. Serve warm. Garnish with more wild leeks if you wish.

Note: Adjust the dressing ingredients to suit your taste - if you prefer a less sweet salad you can reduce or omit the honey and/or increase the vinegar. I used a marjoram, purple basil and garlic vinegar blend I made up last summer when the herbs were fresh and plentiful. Cider or red wine vinegar would work well too.

NUTRITION FACTS (per 125 ml or 1/2 cup serving):
120 calories, 3 g fat, 0 g saturated fat, 0 mg cholesterol, 50 mg sodium, 23 g carbohydrate with 2 g fibre and 2 protein. %Daily Values are 35% vitamin C, 2% calcium and 6% iron.

Join me for a gourmet cooking class at Chapman's Landing Cooking Studio in Nipissing village.
© Nancy Guppy, RD, MHSc

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kcbowie said...

You have to let some of those wild leeks go to seed...then send me some :)