Friday, April 17, 2009

Maple Syrup - April 2009 - a year of food by the season

It has been a month since I started this blog. I have been waiting for some of our local foods to come alive and right now the sap is running and it is maple syrup time! Actually it has been running for awhile but I was busy marking student papers.....

Maple syrup is one of my favourite sweeteners. It is a local product that has been a source of pleasure and food energy for people living in the north for a very long time. I do imagine the early homesteaders relied on it very much. One Tbsp or 15 ml has 30 calories and 7 grams of carbohydrate/sugar with small amounts of nutrients such as 11 mg of calcium and 25 mg potassium. Like all sweet treats it should be enjoyed in moderation.

I use it in many dishes both sweet and savoury. My favourites seem to be in vinaigrettes, dressings and marinades but it also makes an awesome glaze for vegetables and roast lamb and chicken. I will post a few of my favourite recipes seperately.

I don't have hard maple on my property so I have to buy my stock from the locals. You can stock up on maple syrup at the 12th Annual Powassan Maple Syrup Festival being held on Saturday April 25th! The day starts with 3 Pancake Breakfasts at 7am and the festival activities end around 4pm. There will be many food and craft vendors in Powassan and the township reports their usual small population of 2,000 swells to well over 5,000 people on this one day. You can also listen to live music and enjoy fun events.

All maple syrup sold in Ontario has to be graded and you can find out more and see other recipes at I liked the history of maple syrup shown at


Yan of Piebird said...

Hey Nanc... what about the wild and elusive predators who prey on maple sap this time of year and suck those silver buckets dry -- here's one caught on video:

Guppy Gourmet said...

I was secretly praying you would post that! A must see.